Ah, home again. Wish it wasn’t just the tiniest bitter-bitter. But anyhow. Here’s what I’ll say.

I understand.

I understand why the Heresy Club felt the need to pull my earlier titled piece, ‘Storytime’. They are a collection of writers who don’t need to necessarily put their reputation on the line if they’re not so inclined. So I get it.

What I will say is that I stand by my words as being accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will say I have multiple sources detailing the events of my story as I came to understand them. I will say I have retrievable documentation of the conversations I alluded to. I will say that I hopefully have others who would corroborate the version of events I laid out. I will say that slander, at least in the U.S., requires among many things, a malicious representation of information presented as fact. In other words, that I openly knew the information I presented was indeed false. Nothing I have alleged will fall underneath that category.

I will say that I understand the risk I took and the possible fallout that may come from it. For all the hand-wringing of reputation-ruining, I will say that I don’t imagine any professional or personal repercussions will ever visit the individual my story alluded to. As for me, I don’t imagine I’ll ever be associated with the CFI, an organization I truly adored once, anytime soon. Perhaps even other organizations or sites. I will say that I’m a young man with no personal stake to any of this other than obtaining the truth as best I can, and I can’t help but chuckle at those who imagine I am trying to create controversy by the very nature of reporting events that occurred. I will say that I don’t regret what I did. And I will say I understand why people keep secrets, why they refuse to see patterns of behavior and why they give situations the benefit of the doubt as long as they humanly can.

For once in my life, I didn’t want to.

That’s all I will say.


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Playing with Fire

A parallel if you will:

In Davie, Florida, via Susannah Bryan of the Sun Sentinel:

At least 10 firefighters who still or once worked for Davie, both men and women, have filed complaints with the EEOC alleging discrimination — prompting a visit from U.S. Department of Justice officials.

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So as it turns, my personal piece on why and how I became an atheist was picked up by PZ Myers’ Pharyngula as part of his on-going series on people’s personal journey to godlessness (finally!).

With the massive backlog from numerous entries, it’s awesome to see my writing up there. Lemme know what ya think or if you’ve been sent here from the link on Pharyngula, feel free to check out my writings.